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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  March 23, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather)
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3 jen dalton looking at tri- state roadszero problemsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill mitchell ave construction
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time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...saying goodbye ...funeral services are today for a local woman killed in a tragic fall. plus ...searching for suspects ...the latest on the bombings in brussels, ahead at four-30
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break one3 now at four- 3 30 least one suspect in the brussels bombings is on the run right now police are hard at work to
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small statue ... big message ...a popular tourist attraction in belgium is now serving as an anti-terrorism symbol ... 3 something new is opening at findlay market today ...why it will certainly appeal to aspiring chefs ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this wednesday.i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm. 3 3
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3 the hunt continues for at least one suspect connected to yesterday's terror attacks in belgium. the bombings at the airport and subway station left at least 34 people dead and injured hundreds more, including americans. isis is claiming responsibility and threatening more attacks... as tina kraus reports. 3 -nats-authorities continued searching the brussels suburb of schaerbeek overnight...looking for suspects connected to
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attacks.(gfx)one of them - pictured here with two of the suspected airport attackers - is said to be on the run. belgian prosecutors say *he* vanished, leaving his luggage at the scene...while the men next to him died when they detonated explosives hidden in their bags.police raided a house in the area tuesday and found chemicals, an explosive device containing nails, and an isis flag:(sot diana/ last name withheld) "it's been weird// to think that there are people so close to you who could do something like that." nats..mama! mama! somebody help me!security teams locked down brussels yesterday when isis terrorists set off explosions at an airport and train station.emergency officials treated many of those wounded on the streets. (sot emmanuel batiot/ witness) you see it in movie but you cannot imagine people yelling, like they are going to die -nats-a memorial is now growing in the center of the city for those killed.many mourners were reminded of the isis terror attacks that
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ago.(sot mike morrell) these guys are going after soft targets on the near side of security we have to push that security perimeter out, number two - we need better intelligence.the assault on brussels came days after the arrest of the prime suspect in the paris far, authorities in belgium have not made a direct link between the two events.tina kraus cbs news. 3 and new overnight.. it's believed that man on the run after the brussels bombings could be the bomb maker.. and the same man who made the bombs for the november attacks in paris. 3 time/temp local news ... a mother is opening up about the devastating loss of her 16- year old daughter, who was beaten to death.rhonda halls says haley was beautiful and had a bright future .. in an interview you'll see only on local12 news.hailey hall talked about becoming a veterinarian.her mom says she never talked about her boyfriend.. 34-year-old
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beat her death in the parking lot of a club on kellogg avenue.. then took hailey to a motel, not to the hospital. after two weeks, doctors told hailey's mom that she was brain dead. 3 "a lot of people blame me why didn't you do something i didn't know if you've ever been the parent of a 16- year-old maybe you'll understand maybe you won't" arnold is expected to face a murder charge.we'll keep you posted. 3 a trial date could be set today for the suspect in a deadly hit and run.thomas stidhum faces several charges including vehicular homicide and tampering with evidence. police say last december, stidhum hit cathy chatfield as she was participating in the annual seven hills run.she was on the sidewalk on dorchester avenue when a car jumped the curb and hit her.she died from her injuries.according to witnesses, stidhum then ripped off the car's license plate, and ran away.they also say he
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3 a young college student from northern kentucky who died in a tragic accident will be laid to rest today.katie stewart fell to her death at the raven run nature sanctuary near lexington this past saturday. she was 22-years-old, and was expected to graduate soon from transylvania university. services for katie will be held at saint agnes church in fort wright today.visitation will begin at 3:30, and the funeral mass will be held at seven o'clock. 3 this morning north college hill police are fed up.. after a string of recent bomb threats shut down several local schools.effective today, they're teaming up with the school district to try something a little different. in: for the next... out: ...ready to learn. 3 chief ryan schrand says they have a pretty good lead on who called in the threats monday and yesterday.they hope taking these steps will stop the
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in and out of the school school day. 3 time/temp more local news ...learning to ride a bike is like a rite of passage for most children.but a local teenager who's never been able to learn, might soon have that chance.local 12's sydney benter shows us why something many of us take for granted, would be a game changer for his family. 3 talon mason spends a lot of time watching videos on his i-'s not because he's outgrown riding bikes or playing catch like most 15-year-olds... but because he's never been able to do those things.he was born with a debilitating brain malformation.(julie mason, talon's mom)01:28 "it affects a lot of his cognitive abilities with motor skills." 01:33talon requires round the clock's a lot for his parents who both have full-time jobs.(julie mason, talon's mom)06:12 "think about all the things you do every day; dressing, eating, showering, that's done twice. we do it for ourselves and we do it for him." 06:20right now, most of talon's interests lie indoors... playing with
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mom thinks she's found a way to help her son enjoy the great outdoors.(nats)10:05 "it has a specialized seat in the front with straps to hold him in." 10:10this bike would cost the family thousands of dollars... so they're hoping to win it as part of the 'great bike giveaway.'(julie mason, talon's mom)04:06 "i enjoy exercise and i enjoy being outside and i enjoy exercising and there's very few types of outdoor activities that i can enjoy with him :17 and this would be the perfect--the perfect thing for us." 04:21swinging and roller coasters provide good sensory experiences for talon... and his family says a bike would be a natural fit. his care provider thinks he'd enjoy feeling the wind on his face.(donna linkous, talon's care provider)19:58 "you know, he has that freedom when nobody's in front of him, nobody's touching him or guiding him, he actually can experience the world through another set of eyes so to speak." 20:07at hidden valley lake... sb l12 news. 3 talon needs votes to win the
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friendship circle... a support group for people with special needs and their families.we've put a link on local 12 dot com. look for the 'get it links' section under the news tab. 3 some good local news this morning...a new place in over-the-rhine will help up- and- coming chefs hone their cooking skills is the grand opening of the kitchen at findlay market.the vacant garage was turned into an eight-thousand square foot shared-use kitchen space .... five kitchens and four pods will give food entrepreneurs an affordable way to improve their's ideal for future chefs or someone who may want to develop a product and bring it to market.the ribbon cutting is at ten this morning. 3 time/temp ...bracing for heavy snow ...which parts of the country haven't seen the last of winter just yet ... we know which presidential candidates won this week's primaries...the results, next, on good morning cincinnati.
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break two 3 new this morning of the upper midwest could get hit with big snow amounts as a spring storm sweeps through. the storm will move across iowa, minnesota, and wisconsin today, before it hits michigan. forecasters say eight to 14 inches could fall in wisconsin. about a foot of snow is expected in minnesota.and experts says a tornado or two could happen near dallas this afternoon into tonight. 3 covering campaign 2016 ... hillary clinton takes the biggest prize in yesterday's democratic presidential race.
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over bernie sanders after a win in the arizona primary. clinton has 12-hundred 14 deleages compaire to sanders' 925.her supporters are celebrating the win, while sanders is trying to put a positive spin on the loss. 3 "i'm also very grateful to all of our volunteers who are working so hard in this campaign across this great state.""as of today, last poll that i saw we were five points behind and we're gaining." sanders won the democratic caucuses in utah and idaho. utah struggled with a booming voter turnout.. with lines circiling a whole city block in salt lake city.some caucus sites even ran out of ballots. 3 donald trump and ted cruz are the winners in republican contests.trump capitalized on his anti-immigration stance to win the arizona g-o-p primary, and cruz won the caucuses in utah.but, the talk of the campaign trail was dominated by the bombings in brussels. cruz said president obama is weak in regard to the recent
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3 "we need a president who stands up to our enemies and defeats our enemies and come january 2017 that's exactly what we're going to have."john kasich came in third in arizona , but he didn't campaign there.. 3 time/temp ...organizers are gearing up for a major art festival this summer ...and they need your help you can get involved ... kids grow out of their clothing almost as fast as parents buy them ...but there's a new site to help you make some of that money back, on good morning
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break three3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 3 coney island is getting ready to host more than 300 artists this summer ...and right now, it's looking for volunteers for summerfair 2016.the three-day event features local artists and many from across the isn't until june, but it relies on 400 volunteers, so organizers are looking for people who want to work the admission gates, t-shirt-sales, and in other roles.shifts average about two- hours and all volunteers get free admission.we have a link where you can get involved at local12-dot-com. 3 downtown cincinnati is one step closer to getting a major new condo project.members of the city's historic conservation board approved the demolition necessary to pave the way for more than 60 luxury condominiums on main
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million dollar project calls for two new 14- story buildings along the streetcar line. 3 if you're looking for new work, or want to change careers, atrium medical center has some job openings for you. it's hosting a job fair targeting both professional and entry level positions. hiring managers will be on-site to talk about openings in fields like imaging, nursing, social work and more. if you're interested, bring several copies of your resume to atrium medical center in middletown between five-30 and eight-30 tonight. 3 kids grow out of their clothes fast.some parents like to make some cash when the clothes are still in good shape.but that can be time- consuming.and it gave a local mother and father of three children a new idea for the web.what you need to know about loteda, in this morning's family 4-1-1. 3 if you bought these 13 adorable clothing items for your baby girl in a store, you'd pay more than $200.but they sell for just $54 on loteda."loteda is a place where people can buy and sell
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lot."a lot is what they call a grouping of clothes.and loteda is a newcomer to the peer to peer marketplace."it's really about convenience. it's for the parent who wants to clean out in bulk."anna and josh fendley started loteda when they realized how much money was in their own children's closets.they have three kids, aged 5 and younger."i'm not a fan of resale shops to dig. i don't like to hunt. i don't have time."emily neller sells her two daughters' clothes in the loteda marketplace and says it's simple.she requested a starter kit on the website, filled up the free shipping bags, and sent them off."i am drowning in girls clothes, so i put all the clothes in, and ta-da! i was able to buy christmas presents with the money i made selling all the clothes."when the clothes come in, loteda staff members sort them into lots, photograph them, and advertise them on the website. "you wanna make
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cool."taking a cue from hot brands like gymboree and children's place, the lots are sorted by style and size.but selling in bulk makes them a lot cheaper, and parents like the idea of giving their kids' cute fashions a longer life. "in fact, 44 percent of millenials buy stuff with the specific thought they are going to re-sell it." because what people sell is what they'll buy.and thousands of parents like emily are doing their buying and selling here."i like being at home on my ipad while my girls are sleeping or i have extra time, and i can see, and it's fun and easy."and with a $2 billion market for kids clothing, there's plenty of room to grow. 3 loteda offers children's sizes zero to five, but they've been getting requests to sell bigger sizes.they're also considering maternity fashions.
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local12-dot-com.hover over the news tab, and click get it now links. 3 now here's jen with a local 12 traffic alert. 3 (traffic check)jen dalton looking at tri-state roadszero problems i-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill
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3 as belgium deals with the aftermath of those deadly terrorist bombings, one of the country's most iconic tourist attractions is becoming a symbol of defiance against terror.jeanne moos reports. 3 he is an unlikely morale booster.the image of a little boy relieving himself has become a source of relief for belgians....splashing on a terrorist, dousing the fuse on a bomb, aiming for an assault of brussels' most beloved statues has become a symbol of defiance. he's called...(nat sound)"manneken pis."manneken pis..."little man pee" in dutch dialect... the original was first installed almost 400 years
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he's a tourist favorite, constantly being dressed up in different outfits....(nat sound)but stripped to his natural state, he's making a statement against terrorism... "i'm going to bleep on your bombs."some have changed pee to peace, and turned the statue into a peace sign.he's been given a helmet and placed behind a sandbag cartoonist depicted a stream of tears rather than the usual flow.he used to be all fun. for instance, in the money pit, a young tom hanks landed in a fountain...(nat sound)and ended up getting squirted by a replica.but now he's been turned on the terrorists.the belgians, famous for their fries, have also turned a burger king ad into a defiant french fry belgians wield their wit, world leaders promise unity.(president obama) "we stand in solidarity with them."(david cameron/british prime minister)"and we need to
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kid stands alone. only 24 inches tall but with a message that doesn't miss.jeanne moos, c-n-n new york. 3 stay with local12 news as we continue to follow the latest on the belgium terror attacks. we'll also post any updates on our facebook and twitter pages. 3 time/temp ...ahead at five ... the brussels bombings made an impact all across the world ... hear what a local woman has to say about it after she lived there for city is offering high school graduates a unique opporunity to further their education ...
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3 it's national chips and dip day on facebook, we want to know ...what's your favorite appetizer or hors
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 3 3 3 curbing violence in local neighborhoods.we'll tell you how cincinnati police are holding people responsible. 3 plus, four out of five candidates win during the western primaries.we'll tell you which presidential hopefuls are adding to their delegate count. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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3 3 jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear


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